Window of Lucifer The Enigmatic Mr. Clare The One-Eyed Angel of Your Rising Moon
A Mayan Mystery Marty's Cool Stuff and the Weird, Fatal Sisters Chance Meeting with Circlings
Dream Ambassador XI Dream Ambassador III Icon for an Unknown Religion I
Dream Ambassador XXX Dream Ambassador XVI Dream Ambassador X
Dream Ambassador XXI The Ruler of the World Dream Ambassador XIII
ManBat Dream Ambassadors Marbleized
Odd Dead Hut A Dim Immortality Collection The Naked Stoneface
Advanced Thinker in a Bathtub Dream Ambassador MCMXIV The Composer of Immortality
The Preposterous Proposal Puzzled Jigsaw The Weaver of Implicit Material
These Senses Never Sleep Stebuklingas Drugelis Mayathyme
Zen Ambassador XI Enter Abraxas Zen Ambassador XII
Zen Ambassador X Immortality Sea Zen Ambassador XV
The Young Edvard Munch The Force  Through which the Siren Sings Her Song Shark Angel
  The Dream Ambassadors  
Collaborations with
Richard Meyer
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